2 thoughts on “BandO some more updates

  1. Thanks for you great theme work.
    I just found this and thought I would give it a try, by far the best theme I found so far for the new 0.22 release.
    I know it is not complete, but what is the best way to help fix / finish this?
    Is it helpful to send details of what does not work?
    Or would you like patch submissions?
    Or would I be best to keep a customised local copy?
    I would like to help with this as all other themes (so far) just don’t come close to the way we like to use the system. (The Mythbuntu theme is the next closest.)
    Thanks again.

  2. Hi Peter, thanks for the kind feedback. All bugs/patches/requests can be sent to me via email at managementboy {at} gmail.com and will be worked in as soon as possible, as my themes are “community” work. I hope to get the theme at least somewhat finished for 0.23. I have also included the SVGs I have been using within the main download. Just open it in Inkscape and modify at will.

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