BandO Theme now in blue

New version available here.

Update: Link now works again.

The theme continues to get better and better. I have stopped using black as the main color, as many themes use it. Now BandO is moving again into the direction that the elkin-wide theme had. I have themed a few more screens and tweaked all other. Post you feedback. The current version can be found here. You should install the MarketingScript.ttf font system wide to be able to have the curly, handwritten look available in the theme. 



3 thoughts on “BandO Theme now in blue

  1. Hi Jarett! Thanks for reporting… my upload script messed it up. You are right about the 4th, but I updated the theme with some minor fixes on the 7th. Anyhow, now fixed.

  2. your download link is broken, just fyi… i found it by changing the “7” to “4” in the date of the link it points to, since this blog post was written on the 4th, i figured it’d be worth a shot. Thanks for the themes!!

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