libkipi 0.1.6 and kipi-plugins 0.1.7 for Kubuntu Hardy

(thumbnail)I have been struggling to get geolocation (geotagging) working in digikam 0.9.3 on Kubuntu Hardy with KDE being at version 3.5.10. I found out, that it had something to do with kipi-plugins needing to be updated to at least version 0.1.6 and I could not find anyone who had these packages backported for Kubuntu Hardy. So I downloaded the source packages libkipi 0.1.6 from the Jaunty repositories. Building it required me to download an build libgpod 0.7, which worked fine. libkipi had some dependency issues, just make sure you also install ALL development packages for the KDE applications. I was strangely missing kdepim-dev that showed by breaking the build missing a file from libkmime. I then was missing a link to which I fixed with the following command "sudo ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/". After that the building worked flawlessly for both libkipi and kipi-plugins, which I had downloaded from Debian Sid unstable. See the screenshot for prove.

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