Making Pivot

The first step hat originaly been to update our photo album, which was a mess of three different aproaches: static HTML, generated HTML and a basic PHP album. This goal has been reached using Gallery, a very nice and database free, PHP photo album tool. 

Now, changing the whole site was a different story, as most tools available require mySQL as database and I don't have that luxury. After checking goolge I found Pivot! This tool is manly works as a blogging tool, but works very well as a content management tool, too. It requires no database and was very easy to install. Just upload the files via FTP onto the server, change the access rights of some folders as described in the detailed installation help on their website and point to the configuration scripts. No manual config file tuning necessary to get the site working.

As of this post I am starting to get to know the internals of Pivot, which has most of its presentation done via CSS and templates. Stay tuned for more on this. For now the index.html will stay pointing to the old page, as the new is still work in progress.

Current mood 🙂

Its been several years since I last updated the main website "". I have decided to use the popular bloging trend to build a site that is not static, but that works mor like a content management system.

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