MythTV 0.24 has been released

I had been sick the last few days, so I missed the official release of MythTV 0.24 yesterday. Here is an unofficial hit-list of changes to the previous version of MythTV:

  • DVD ripping from within MythTV has been permanently removed, as it had a lot of issues. You still can rip your DVDs with any tool you like and then access it from within MythVideo.
  • ISOs and VIDEO_TS folders now have Storage Group support and the OSD shows their artwork.
  • Support for XSub subtitles was added
  • CrystalHD acceleration support has been added, but I don’t have the hardware to test
  • Themes can now be installed from the frontend via FTP
  • the OSD has been converted to MythUI, much theming is still needed, but mine is pretty good already (Willi Theme)
  • HD audio codecs and output have been added
  • ALSA device detection was improved
  • Playback and menu support for the Blu-ray disk format is in the works, but I have not tested it
  • Theme download site to be integrated into MythTV, making the process of installing Themes easy. Only offical Themes are supported.
  • Additional scripts have been ported to the Wiki, which used to be in the contrib folder
  • Themes have gotten some improvement, font declarations have been changed
  • mythnetvision got some more content providers
  • the main code was synced with revision 24880 of ffmpeg (adding Native
    VP8 decoder, AAC SBR and PS incl. full HeAACv2 support, WebM, libvpx, DXVA2,
    indeo5, wmavoice, binkvideo, amr-nb)
  • OSD has some more information about the item being payed, like
    type (recording, dvd etc) codec (mpeg2, mpeg4 etc) sound (mono, stereo
  • better subtitle support (I have not tested), even when zoomed including raw subtitles
  • ability to query the channel list via the network control interface
  • support for the various raw photo formats as decoded by dcraw for MythGallery
  • "Reduce to fit" scaling option in MythGallery
  • faster commercial detection, as an option
  • OSD Menu has be reorganized into categories (audio, video etc)
  • support for the VideoDecodeAcceleration framework on OS X

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