Our favorite Books

It's not like we read a lot (time), but some of the books we do get the chance to read are worth recommending. Here is a list of those we think you should try out. All of them can be borrowed from us ;-) or click on the cover of the book to purchase it from Amazon.com (we get gift certificates from your purchase; that way we can buy more books).

Laima's Favorites

Brooklyn Follies

Oracle Night

The New York Trilogy

My childhood friend, Christoph Lohnherr, gave this to me as a special
birthday present. The dedication he wrote me was that this book
explained his decision to study philosophy. His is the best description
of it.

What I Loved

This book I got lent by my mother. Right now my favorite

Elkin's Favorites

Gaviotas: A Village to Reinvent the World

This book I found while reading through a forum on SlashDot.org
about renewable energy sources. What is so great about this book is
that it is a real live account of how a bunch of individuals can create
amazing technologies in the middle of nowhere (in this case my home
country's Colombia's Llanos). It is also a good introduction to the
countries problems with the Guerrilla, drugs etc. A great mix of
technology and travel experience.


Stupid White Men …and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation!

Michael Moore is the director of one of the most critical documentaries of the 80's: Roger and Me.
I was forced to see it while taking English classes at Boston
University and have been a fan of Michael ever since. This book nearly
got killed by its publisher due to the supposedly “national” feeling
after 9/11 in the USA. In very Moore fashion, this book uses much humor
to be critical about the mayor problems of America: Guns, politics,
corruption and of course Stupid White Men. I urge you to see his latest
documentary, Bowling for Columbine, that got the Oscar(TM) for best
documentary, 2003.


Memos from the Chairman

Certainly a fast read. It motivated me a lot on how to lead people.
Bought this book while still in University and have read it twice
since. Its the kind of book where you can underline most of it. I would
recommend it to everyone of my bosses! The book consists of a
collection of Memos written to motivate and communicate vision to your


Out of the Crisis

If there is a book that sums up why most managers and companies suck, this is the one. Mr. Deming
is the visionary who brought us Total Quality Management and helped
both Japan and the USA out of the 60th and 70th crisis through simple
statistical and managerial no-nonsense. Even though the book is
slightly outdated by today's standard it is the best book to start your
management studies. His 14 points where an inspiration to me and still
are. “3% of the problems have figures, 97% of the problems do not.”


Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes have been part of my live since very early. I
collected all the paperbacks while in the USA, and have read them
nearly every night ever since. I recommend them all!

I am sorry to say, that some of the C&H books I own are already out
of print… Well you can still borrow them from me.

Check out the books we like to read and why.

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