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30 July 12 - 19:48Mythbuntu packages with many patches from LVR

I have been using LVRs patches for a few weeks. They provide some nice features I have been missing, here two examples:

  1. Get preview in files without a seektable: I use my own copy of mythnettv that imports shows from sites like youtube. The preview I used to get was a black first frame, now it works perfectly.
  2. OSD that shows audio levels: check out the screenshot

Many more are also useful, especially for UK users on Freesat.

Today I started posting the Mythbuntu development packages to my PPA with these patches. Check them out here. Be aware that I don't usually have the time to realy test these packages, so make backups of your database before you use them!

Update: No need to keep the packages as all relevant patches are now in mainline MythTV

Read the rest

managementboy - elkin-wide, Linux - No comments - §

07 June 12 - 12:20mythnettv with YouTube RSS feed support

I have released a small update to the mythnettv code I maintain for myself. Besides some other changes I have made in the last few months the latest addition might be of interest to those who want to import YouTube videos into the MythTV Recodings screen. You can get my copy of mythnettv here and make sure to read the README file as many new exotic dependencies have been added differing from the original code made by Michael.

To sum it up, you can now take a link like "" and download it into MythTV. Or you can take a RSS feed like "" and subscribe to it.

managementboy - elkin-wide, Linux - No comments - §

09 May 12 - 13:33Neue deutsche HD Sender und MythTV

Bei MythTV Talk wurde die Frage gestellt wie man am besten die neuen HD-Sender in MythTV übernimmt ohne die Sendernummerierung zu verlieren. Hier nochmal zusammengefasst:

  1. Mit "/usr/share/mythtv/ --verbose" sollte man sich auf alle Fälle erst ein Backup machen
  2. dann diese Datei (channel_numbers_update_de.sql) auf den Server runterladen
  3. über z.B. mythweb sich die jetzige Sendernummerierung in die runter geladene Datei übernehmen oder die dort vorgeschlagene belassen. "channum=1" steht für die Sendernummer.
  4. danach mit "sudo mythtv-setup" einen neuen Senderdrurchlauf starten und "alle Transponder" und "neue Transpoder suchen" auswählen.
  5. jetzt sollten die neuen Sender existieren, aber die Nummern mit keiner Ordnung vorliegen.
  6. der Befehl "mysql --database=mythconverg --user=mythtv --password=meinpword < channel_numbers_update_de.sql" ändert dann die Sendernummern. Alles OK.

managementboy - elkin-wide, Linux - No comments - §

12 April 12 - 13:57Willi theme now for MythTV 0.25-fixes

The Willi theme is now part of the official MythTV Theme repository. All future updates to my themes will happen there.

New features

  • Animated transitions and popups
  • 16x9 formated, no 16x10 support anymore
  • Higher resolution 1920x1080
  • MythMusic is now themed
  • MythVideo was transitioned into the main theme
  • MythGallery has been tweaked to make more space for photos
  • OSD has been tweaked
  • Use fixed width font for information that should be evenly formated
  • and many other smaller fixes

Download it directly from within MythFrontend.

managementboy - elkin-wide - No comments - §

21 October 11 - 15:24mythnettv now downloads from Vimeo

Evermore content is uploaded to sites like Vimeo and Youtube. I have added the fist steps to downloading this kind of content into MythTV. All you need is a copy of mythnettv from my Git. Make sure you install all the dependencies (py-videodownload, python-tvrage, py-unrar2, transmissionrpc) as described in the README file. Then subscribe to a Vimeo rss like this:

mntv subscribe "" "James Randi Educational Foundation" "JREF"

and start downloading the videos.

managementboy - elkin-wide - No comments - §

02 August 11 - 16:11Changes to Willi theme in current pre 0.25 trunk MythTV

Following changes have been committed to the Willi theme in the current development cycle towards MythTV 0.25:


managementboy - elkin-wide - No comments - §

01 March 11 - 19:07Laima theme got some love

I added the edit features to the OSD and made sure, that the information only gets displayed on the black bars while watching 16x9 a recording on a 16x10 screen. The "watch recordings" screen now shows the date and time of the recording as well as a very faded fanart as background. Still no support for any of the plugins. Get and test it through the theme chooser within MythFrontend 0.25.

managementboy - elkin-wide - No comments - §

22 February 11 - 19:09Some improvements to mythnettv

It seems that the original development of mythnettv has stopped. I have been maintaining a branch of my own, just to scratch some itches I had, as I use it to download such shows as TED-Talks and SLOW TV. The following is a list of changes I have done to the code since release 7 (January 2009) by Michael Still, that might interest you:

  • the command "mythnettv statistics" is now much shorter. I have commented out most of the "what has been downloaded" part and only left "what will be downloaded".
  • downloads which are stored in a folder are handled a bit better, but some more work needs to be done. Only single file video files in a folder are currently supported. 
  • no transcoding is done for most modern, linux friendly file formats, as they are well supported by the internal player within MythTV 0.24.
  • neither commercial detection nor seek table creation are done anymore, as MythTV 0.24 then screws up playback of some web content.
  • some basic detection of subtitles, audio (mono, stereo etc) and video (widescreen, 720p etc) properties is done while importing. This metadata is inserted into the database to be displayed as if the file had be recorded with valid EPG data.
  • a new command line "myhtnettv updatemeta filename" allows you to update the database retrospectively with the above data. This also works for "normal" recordings made by MythTV, if your EPG data was not accurate for these values.

managementboy - elkin-wide, Linux - No comments - §