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23 April 10 - 11:36Database backends mismatch!

Everytime I upgrade my system I end up having my cyrus IMAP server borked due to database upgrade problems. The latest was from Ubuntu 9.10 to 10.04 that gave me the following error:

/etc/init.d/cyrus2.2: Database backends mismatch! You must manually
/etc/init.d/cyrus2.2: verify and update the Cyrus databases to the
/etc/init.d/cyrus2.2: new backends.
/etc/init.d/cyrus2.2: Please refer to /usr/share/doc/cyrus-common-2.2/README.Debian
/etc/init.d/cyrus2.2: for instructions.

To fix this I had to edit a bit fo my old instructions for SuSE. The next few steps should get your server working again.

cd /var/lib/cyrus
rm db/*
rm db.backup1/*
rm db.backup2/*
rm deliver.db
rm tls_sessions.db
sudo -u cyrus ctl_mboxlist -d > /tmp/mailboxes.txt
mv mailboxes.db mailboxes.db.old
cvt_cyrusdb /tmp/mailboxes.txt flat /var/lib/cyrus/mailboxes.db skiplist
rm /usr/lib/cyrus/
sudo chown -R cyrus:mail /var/lib/cyrus
dpkg-reconfigure cyrus-common-2.2

managementboy - Linux - one comment - §

12 April 10 - 19:45Best argument ever for Atheism: I am a Satanist

Mother: she's the reason you are Christian!

Child: Not anymore, that's all rubbish!

Father: Rubbish is a bit harsh.

Child: I don't believe in God anymore. I am a Satanist.

Father: I, I... thats an Atheist. Satanist do things to goats.

Child: I don't care, it's not good to be a christian. You have to pray for an hour, get up, have some milk, sleep for three hours.

Father: There is nothing about drinking milk, is there?

Child: There is something about drinking milk. I have been a Christian.


Father: You have to treat everybody views, whatever they belief with equal respect.

Child: What? Even idiots? Even people who want to stab you in the eye with a pencil? Even people who want to blow up...

By the way, Season 3 of Outnumbered just started.

and some more Satan for you?

managementboy - philosophy - No comments - §

19 March 10 - 19:32enable Mythweb to download files imported by mythnettv

I found out, that mythweb does not allow me to download the imported mythnettv files. This is due to the fact, that they have no file sufix (.avi etc). To make it work, just edit


to include the following code in the section "# File type"

    elsif ($basename =~ /tmp/) {
$type   = 'video/avivideo';
$suffix = '.avi';

 I am pretty sure not all files are realy "avi", but for all intendet purposes (downloading, playing) its fine with me.

managementboy - default - No comments - §

11 March 10 - 19:49The scientific Method

Sometimes it is quiet clear, that the person you are talking to about pseudo-science does not understand at all how science works. Richard Feynman explains in this Video how the scientific method works. Check it out, it might help you explain it to your friends.

managementboy - default - No comments - §

09 March 10 - 15:41Vorratsdatenspeicherung, wir müssen uns Wehren

Obwohl der Verfassungsschutz die Vorratsdatenspeicherung für Verfassungswidrig erklärt hat, möchte unsere Regierung (CDU/FDP) über die Hintertür doch alles was wir sagen und schreiben abspeichern. "Ist doch egal", mag man argumentieren, "ich habe ja nichts zu verbergen". Nur im Anschein, ich vermute aber, dass jeder was zu verbergen hat. Vor einigen Jahren war das in einigen Bundesländern anders und zwar bei den neuen Bundesländern. Dort wurde auch alles mitgeschrieben und dort hatten die Menschen angeblich auch nichts zu verbergen. Schon vergessen? Wer also das Risiko eingehen möchte, Deutschland in eine neue DDR umzuwandeln, muss nichts weiteres tun als die Klappe zu halten. Für alle, die der Ansicht sind, dass der Staat, der Arbeitgeber, der Nachbar in den eigenen Konversationen und Korrespondenzen nichts zu suchen haben, ist es jetzt Zeit die Abgeordneten anzuschreiben. Hier geht es sehr einfach. Diese Seite ermöglicht Ihnen in einem Rundschlag alle Beteiligten Ihre Meinung zu sagen.

Nicht auf morgen vertagen, jetzt handeln!

Für die, die sich nicht mehr an die DDR erinnern, bitte den guten Film "Das Leben der Anderen" heute noch anschauen.

managementboy - default - No comments - §

05 March 10 - 11:37Ten Commandments revisited

I am not a fan of the "Ten Commandments", as they don't give you any good moral guidance. As usual, Christopher Hitchens gives a much more eloquent reasoning. Check this video he made for Vanity Fair.

managementboy - philosophy - No comments - §

02 March 10 - 16:22What if you are wrong (about God)?

Perfect answer to a common question.

managementboy - philosophy - No comments - §

22 February 10 - 14:33Linus is just cool

I am an avid Linux user. Linus Torvalds is the benevolent dictator who gave us Linux. His blog is usually pretty funny. His latest post about people living in the middle ages makes me like him even more!

managementboy - philosophy - No comments - §