Logic Machine re:actor videos

I bought a Logic Machine from openrb.com a few weeks ago. At about 1.100€ it is not very cheap, but it contains quite a few features that, if bought separately, would have been a lot more expensive. I am going to use it in our flat to do the following:

  1. as a KNX gateway (separate for at least 400€)

  2. DMX or DALI controller (separate for at least 600€)

  3. Home automation visualization (PC and Touch, go for about 1.700€)

  4. Logging

  5. Logic

  6. Digital/Analog inputs and outputs

Nice to have is the enocean chip. If for any reason I need to add wireless sensors or actuators, this will help a lot.

Right now it is not connected to the KNX bus, but I imported a few objects from the ETS4 software (OPC export). Then I used Sweet Home 3D to create a nice 3D view of the flat. Using GIMP I created some nice transparent lighting elements.

To see what I then did with the re:actor check out the following two videos:


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