2 thoughts on “Scheduling within Willi

  1. I like this theme! How far is the work on this?
    for the parts that seems to be complete:
    Please improve the readability from distance. Red text in menus sometime is hard to read. Make a white border around the letter to separate it from background, make selected menu entry bolder and bigger
    The Live TV OSD program start/end times are hard to read. bad font, or not bold enough, or bad color, or bad size. (perhaps show start time on the left and end time on the right of the description)
    The Live TV Channel Browser is surly not ready, to big and to small font. Make it the style of the rest theme and only 1/4 of screen, Perhaps in the style of the title on the top (Gray/transparent background)
    Start screen has enough space to show the full date (Samstag, 09.11.1989 23:59;-) – it is good that the clock is so big – most themes dont seem to think on distance viewing, no matter the screen size

  2. @Jamatic
    The theme is a work in progress. I do not work on it regularly, but only when I get some time to do so. I will see what I can do on the readability of text. The OSD, as you have correctly noticed, is far from finished and needs a lot of work. I will see if adding the full date, time to the main menu is feasible.

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