Best argument ever for Atheism: I am a Satanist

Mother: she’s the reason you are Christian!

Child: Not anymore, that’s all rubbish!

Father: Rubbish is a bit harsh.

Child: I don’t believe in God anymore. I am a Satanist.

Father: I, I… thats an Atheist. Satanist do things to goats.

Child: I don’t care, it’s not good to be a christian. You have to pray for an hour, get up, have some milk, sleep for three hours.

Father: There is nothing about drinking milk, is there?

Child: There is something about drinking milk. I have been a Christian.

Father: You have to treat everybody views, whatever they belief with equal respect.

Child: What? Even idiots? Even people who want to stab you in the eye with a pencil? Even people who want to blow up…

By the way, Season 3 of Outnumbered just started.

and some more Satan for you?

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