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Changes to Willi theme in current pre 0.25 trunk MythTV

Following changes have been committed to the Willi theme in the current development cycle towards MythTV 0.25:


Laima theme got some love

I added the edit features to the OSD and made sure, that the information only gets displayed on the black bars while watching 16×9 a recording on a 16×10 screen. The "watch recordings" screen now shows the date and time of the recording as well as a very faded fanart as background. Still no support for any of the plugins. Get and test it through the theme chooser within MythFrontend 0.25.

Some improvements to mythnettv

It seems that the original development of mythnettv has stopped. I have been maintaining a branch of my own, just to scratch some itches I had, as I use it to download such shows as TED-Talks and SLOW TV. The following is a list of changes I have done to the code since release 7 (January 2009) by Michael Still, that might interest you:

  • the command "mythnettv statistics" is now much shorter. I have commented out most of the "what has been downloaded" part and only left "what will be downloaded".
  • downloads which are stored in a folder are handled a bit better, but some more work needs to be done. Only single file video files in a folder are currently supported. 
  • no transcoding is done for most modern, linux friendly file formats, as they are well supported by the internal player within MythTV 0.24.
  • neither commercial detection nor seek table creation are done anymore, as MythTV 0.24 then screws up playback of some web content.
  • some basic detection of subtitles, audio (mono, stereo etc) and video (widescreen, 720p etc) properties is done while importing. This metadata is inserted into the database to be displayed as if the file had be recorded with valid EPG data.
  • a new command line "myhtnettv updatemeta filename" allows you to update the database retrospectively with the above data. This also works for "normal" recordings made by MythTV, if your EPG data was not accurate for these values.

Version 2.0 of Willi theme

I will stop posting compressed, tared versions of my themes as of today. The reason for it is, that I have started to develop for the future version 0.25 of MythTV and will stop developing for 0.24. The themes will all be available at github and are part of the automatic theme updates via new features added to the development branch. With version 0.25 you will be notified if you are using one of my themes if it changes. The Willi theme is the first to get an update, with and added search dialog for most buttonlists. Use Ctrl+S to access it. Willi is now officially version 2.0.

You will be able to get the 0.24 versions through github, too. Just select the branch 0.24-fixes.