Links nice places

Auszüge aus Kinderaufsätzen
Sehr amüsant!

Economist Survey of Colombia
An in depth perspective of Colombia's problems and future

Slashdot /.
The leading source of information for a geek

C-Net News
Breaking news from the technology sector, not always without business influence

El Tiempo
Colombian Newspaper online. Great resource for the ones who can't get hold of a printed version every morning.

Michael Moore
Satiric American writer who has not forgotten, that Trade Unions are the only way to regulate capitalism to be socially acceptable.

The worldwide organization to make this planet survive! Not always business friendly, but a bearable tradeoff for a better future.

World Wildlife Fund
Safe biodiversity. As the only thinking animal on this planet it is our duty to keep us from killing them.

Good place to find out what new software has been updated TODAY.

Juan Pablo Montoya
Ex Formula 1 Driver (now NASCAR) from Colombia.

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