mythnettv vs. mirobridge

As I wrote in a previous post, I have been using mythnettv to download internet based TV shows like the TEDTalks. But as this is my hobby, I tried out the fairly new mirobridge script that is now part of the upcoming version 0.22 of MythTV. Miro is a rather nice feed downloader, that also supports torrent files. The miro bridge allows you to use the frontend of Miro to schedule your downloads and then use a cron job to have them downloaded regularly. Where mythnettv is very CLI oriented, Miro is very GUI oriented. The advantage of mythnettv is, that it supports recording groups, the advantage of mirobridge is that it supports Fanart/Banners/Screenshots as well as archiving deleted shows from the Watched Recordings screen in MythTV to MythVideo. Another nice feature that is part of Miro is being able to download about every YouTube video you like.

My work around for the lack of recording group support in mirobridge is a small shell script, that updates all shows of a specific title to have one defined recording group. That way I can move the TEDTalks from the default group to one called "TEDTalks", or all "Mr. Deity" to a group called "Reason vs. Faith".

The programmers have disabled importing torrents into MythTV, but this can be easily enabled by opening the file and commenting out the section regarding "torrents". Just search in that file for "torrent" and you will find right after the text "Skip any bittorrent video downloads for legal concerns".

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