Remote secure login

There are two tools I use to manage this server: Webmin and ssh.


This is a website build using perl that enables the user via a webbrowser to change most mayor services of a remote server. It usualy is accessible over the port 10000, something like http://myhost:10000. Webmin can be easily installed and run on most linux distributions. All rpm based distributions can use the RPM provided on the webmin homepage.


Secure shell is a way to connect to a remote system over a secure connection and to be able to log in and use a console to manage the system.  The command looks like this:

ssh -X root@

The -X means that the console exports Xserver programs to your local computer. This makes it possible to open a KDE or Gnome programm on the remote system but have it displayed on your local one. After -X you add the username of the user you want to login with. After @ you add the IP or domain of the remote system you want to connect to.

I run a small PC as a server at home. This machine provides Cyrus IMAP mail, MythTV DVB-S personal video recorder, NFS based fileserver (MP3s, videos, documents) and other services. This server has one complication, the RGB monitor out is connected to our Sharp Z1 projector, making it rarely possible to use it localy.

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