SVN MythTV RPMs for SuSE 10.3

Its been a while since I have posted updated source RPMs for MythTV. There have been a huge amount of changes from the 0.20.2 release and the current SVN version of MythTV. These changes required me to change the SPEC files. The biggest change, is that now I (you) need to compile MythTV and MythPlugins separately, as keeping the installation of MythTV while compiling MythPlungins was a pain. I have also had trouble tracking down all required packages, so be patient if your build does not work out of the box and send me a message with the error if it does not work as a comment to this post.

Since the 14th of January 2008 the MythTV SVN (rev 15450) contains a fully working implementation of recording several concurrent shows from one transport stream.

The following source RPMs have been successfully tested with the SVN version 15450.

To build your own current SVN release you need to download these files and compile them with rpmbuild. The following commands should be enough:

rpmbuild –rebuild mythtv-0.21-0.15450.svn.src.rpm

Then install the new files and run:

rpmbuild –rebuild mythplugins-0.21-0.15450.svn.src.rpm

Don’t forget to uninstall libmyth-devel if you intend to rerun the base MythTV packages, as these will break the build.

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