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Jessica Spengler (CC BY 2.0)

Reference Books for Geeky, Science based Weight Loss

I have been asked a lot where I got my facts and science while loosing 18kg in three months. Most of my inspiration started from listening to Penn Jillette on his Sunday School podcast. But the meat (pun intended) of the science was provided by Penn’s weight loss guru Ray Cronise. Ray might not be 100% science based and he admits to it himself. Most of weight loss is a bit woo woo even within scientific circles. To top up my facts I read the following books, but keeping a skeptical mindset.

The End of Overeating: Taking control of our insatiable appetite

I like Kessler because his hypothesis that we have changed our eating habits due to marketing and social pressures. Well researched and mostly science based.

Eat to Live: Das wirkungsvolle, nährstoffreiche Programm für schnelles und nachhaltiges Abnehmen

Basically Cronise copied Fuhrman 1 to 1. A bit too new age for my taste but still enough science to warrant reading. Most important is the way Fuhrman approaches weight loss.

Mach Das!: Die ultimative Physik des Abnehmens

Physics of weight loss. Austrian author, very scientific. Way to little psychology to be a real weight loss how to book. Will start you off on why eating less is more effective that doing more sport.

Der 4-Stunden-Körper: Fitter – gesünder – attraktiver – Mit minimalem Aufwand ein Maximum erreichen

I recommend Tim’s book to those who do not like to read. I know, I know. How deprecating of me. But I do have a lot of friends in this category. Lots of motivation, less science. Still, most of the tips can be supported by science.