MeaslesIt was a few days ago that a strange case was reported to me unwittingly by a relative. All (3) their children had just gotten the measles. My wife, a pediatrician, commented that they probably did not get their vaccinations, as it is very unusual to get the measles at that age, as they where over the 12 months you should get the vaccination. You might say: “ahh what the hell, why should I care”. Please check the statistics at the Jenny McCarthy Body Count homepage (as of today 197 preventable deaths in the USA alone). Not vaccinating is not only putting your own children at risk of death, you are putting other children at risk of death. Yes, I am saying: “if you don’t vaccinate your children you are morally responsible for the death or permanent damage of your child and any infected child.”

Still not scared shittles? Check the following links:

Update: August is National Immunization Awareness Month

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