blootube-wide updated for mythtv 0.22

New version here.

Just because I need it myself, I have been working on getting some of the new features of the upcoming version 0.22 of MythTV into the blootube-wide theme. Just so they don’t get confused with the one provided by the MythTV developers, I have renamed it to blootube-ng.

New features, additional to the ones provided by the normal version:

  • Fanart in Watch Recordings
  • Banners in Watch Recordings
  • Fade in/out of selection bar in Watch Recordings

The whole theme can be found here.

3 thoughts on “blootube-wide updated for mythtv 0.22

  1. Very nice. The lack of nice looking + widescreen themes in trunk was getting to me.
    I also notice my issues in the “Watch Recordings” screen are gone (keyboard events are slow/unresponsive, as if it was having trouble with the preview), things are snappier. Wouldn’t have thought a theme change would fix that, but hey!
    Thanks for the work.

  2. Thanks very much for bringing this forward into 0.22! I was really missing blootube after my upgrade. There are some strangenesses on the Watch Recordings screen, but I can deal with that.8

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