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Willi theme now for MythTV 0.25-fixes

The Willi theme is now part of the official MythTV Theme repository. All future updates to my themes will happen there.

New features

  • Animated transitions and popups
  • 16×9 formated, no 16×10 support anymore
  • Higher resolution 1920×1080
  • MythMusic is now themed
  • MythVideo was transitioned into the main theme
  • MythGallery has been tweaked to make more space for photos
  • OSD has been tweaked
  • Use fixed width font for information that should be evenly formated
  • and many other smaller fixes

Download it directly from within MythFrontend.

mythnettv now downloads from Vimeo

Evermore content is uploaded to sites like Vimeo and Youtube. I have added the fist steps to downloading this kind of content into MythTV. All you need is a copy of mythnettv from my Git. Make sure you install all the dependencies (py-videodownload, python-tvrage, py-unrar2, transmissionrpc) as described in the README file. Then subscribe to a Vimeo rss like this:

mntv subscribe "http://vimeo.com/jref/videos/rss" "James Randi Educational Foundation" "JREF"
and start downloading the videos.

Changes to Willi theme in current pre 0.25 trunk MythTV

Following changes have been committed to the Willi theme in the current development cycle towards MythTV 0.25: