Greatest country in the world

If you have followed the news in the USA lately, you have been confronted with quite some characters screaming things like "USA is the greatest nation in the world", or "we have the worlds best health care" or "USA is turning into a socialist county". I live in a socialist country, Germany. Now, the Germans too had a time in the last century where they also thought they where the "worlds greatest country", but that backfired somehow. On the other hand I have to listen to virtually the same arguments in Germany.  Let us see what the statistics tell us, who is the greatest country.


Human Development Index: Iceland is number one, USA being 12th and Germany 22nd. Iceland, Canada and Norway have been on top for nearly two decades.

GDP per capita as reported by the IMF: Qatar wins. USA comes in 6th with half the GPD of Quatar. Germany is 22nd only being 76% of the USA.

Education: There is a five-way tie between Australia, New-Zealand, Denmark, Finland and Canada. USA is 19th and Germany 31st.

IQ: Hong Kong with an average of 108 points. Germany being 17th with 99 and the USA a bit lower with 98 points.

Healthcare and Life expectancy: How much does it cost to live long? In Japan you send 2.000$ and live to 81, in the USA spends double and only lives to 77. Germany spends 2.500$ and lives to 78.


World fattest country: Nauru with over 95% being over weight. USA only comes in 9th with 74%. Germany 43rd with 60%.

Income inequality: Denmark wins, with Germany being 11th… USA too far down to even count.

Prison population: USA wins! 756 persons per 100.000 in jail. Compare that to 95 in Germany or 22 in India.

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