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Life of Brian full debate 1979

Just last easter we watched Life of Brian with a few friends. After it we talked about how the movie was banned in many places, but many of my friends did not know that. We searched for the full debate I remembered having seen, but did not find it. Well here it is:

Things I want to happen when I die

Just this month my beloved Uncle Uwe died. I miss him. He had made his wishes clear by writing a letter to his family declaring what he wished for to happen if he where to die. This I must admit is a big help to those who are left behind. I talked to my father about what he wanted before he died, but he never wrote it down. Just informing one or a few members of your family is a lot better than none, but it still leaves behind nagging questions for those who did not get this information first hand.

Today I read this post by Jon Canter in the Guardian. He wrote how his sister wanted a godless funeral and how he managed it. The following is kind of an open testament, to make life easier for those of my loved ones, in the case of my some day to be expected death. I am a non-believer. I was not raised either Christian, Muslim or any other Religion. I am very sure that there is no afterlife. Here are some ideas of how I would like my funeral to be.

First, get the cheapest casket available. If it’s the pink one or the one with the power-rangers, that’s fine with me. I don’t care if I am cremated or buried, take the cheaper option. Be sure to choose the cheapest option in the long term, a simple net present value calculation on the cost of maintaining a plot should be enough :-). Don’t get a vicar or similar person to do the talking. I expect my friends to take on that role and have some fun. Unearth some of the most embarrassing moments for the amusement of everyone! I have three songs that I would like to be sung, “O Lord Please Don’t Burn Us” and “Meaning Of Life” by Monty Pyhton. To finish I would love the song “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life”. I love the idea of having a minute of silence, followed my cheering and clapping like at a soccer match, at the end of the ceremony. Afterwards go get something to eat. I don’t want any flowers or wreaths at the ceremony. If you feel like you need to do something, plant a tree for me. If you want to donate, do so to the Richard Dawkins foundation or the JREF. But don’t feel like you have to!

The Economist on the Wikileaks issue

I am an avid "The Economist" reader. I don’t always agree with the conclusions, but the analysis is very often spot on. Rarely do I find a real fuckup, but the article on Wikileaks is one of those rare cases. For most publications you will find that the comments section is full of irrationality and often bigotry. The Economist is an exception to this rule, so I urge you to read the hundreds of replies, which are better the the article itself. Here some examples:

Exceptionally for The Economist, this is a shabby article, with little reasoning in the reasoning and view presented.

I can’t believe I’ve read this article on the Economist.

This clumsy article makes little sense.

A shameful article, wobbly on fact, thin on content and misses the point.

"In any country the theft and publication of 250,000 secret government documents would deserve punishment." Sir, This as all very well, except your initial premise is demonstrably false. WikiLeaks has to date published a mere 1,193 of the leaked cables, and the vast majority of those first appeared in their partner newspapers. 

At best, the Economist is very out of touch with its readership.

With this article, Economist failed to live up to its reputation.