Howto get spanish EPG data (Digital+) for MythTV in XMLTV format

Before you start calling me names for using a non open source, non native linux aplication to do the job, stop for a moment and ask yourself if it is not cool to be able to run a Windows application (yes a GUI tool) on a linux server? I think it is!

TVxb is a small tool that spits out XMLTV formated data if you provide it with a valid .ini file. Thanks to the TVxb homepage I was able to get a working, even tough somewhat old, grabber. Using the Windows application requires you to run it with the WINE interpreter. This works without any changes on openSuSE 10.2.

I unzipped the TVxb file into /opt/TVxb and added a new file called in that directory with the following contend:

export XAUTHORITY=/home/mythtv/.Xauthority # this enables the user to execute the executable on their desktop
export DISPLAY=:0
wine /opt/TVxb/bin/Tvxb.exe

Then change the file to executable (chmod +x /opt/TVxb/ The log files can be found at /opt/TVxb/log if you want to check the progress of the download

The tool spits out a valid XMLTV file at \tmp\ which can be easily added to MythTV with following command:

/usr/bin/mythfilldatabase –update –file 1 -1 /tmp/

Now you need to edit the TVxb.ini file in the /opt/TVxb/ini directory to get the channels you want. My channel list looks like follows, not all channels available from are here, as I don't watch them.

A working (as of 07.06.2007) TVxb.ini file can be downloaded here.
For a while I used a self modified version of tv_grab_es_digital to get the EPG data in XMLTV format to feed my MythTV box. Now I have found a better, faster way of getting the data. The tool is called TVxb and is a Windows application.

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