Make SpamAssassin learn from Cyrus Mail

Check out this script if you want to use sa-learn with cyrus. sa-learn is the tool that is part of spamassassin that learns to identify spam. sa-learn-cyrus is the wrapper script that glues both toguether.


On my openSUSE server the sa-learn-cyrus.conf file looks like this:

# Configuration for sa-learn-cyrus
# hjb -- 2005-05-22
# -------------------------------------------------------
# global parameters
# file to store output of sa-learn and ipurge temporarily
tmp_file	= /tmp/sa-learn-cyrus.tmp
# level of verbosity (0 .. 3)?
verbose		= 1
# -------------------------------------------------------
# Mailbox
# list of mailboxes/users which will be consirered in any case
include_list	= ''
# otherwise, only mailboxes matching this pattern will be considered
include_regexp	= '.*'
# list of mailboxes/users which will be ignored
exclude_list	= '1'
# otherwise, mailboxes matching this pattern will be ignored
exclude_regexp	= ''
# spam folder relative to INBOX (cyrus nomenclature: e.g. 'junk.Spam')
spam_folder	= 'Spam'
# ham folder relative to INBOX (cyrus nomenclature: e.g. 'junk.Ham')
ham_folder	= 'Learn.Ham'
# remove spam after feeding it to SA
remove_spam	= yes
# remove ham after feeding it to SA
remove_ham	= yes
# -------------------------------------------------------
# Spamassassin
# path with system-wide SA preferences
site_config_path= /etc/mail/spamassassin
# SA configuration file
prefs_file	= /etc/mail/spamassassin/
# path to sa-learn
learn_cmd	= /usr/bin/sa-learn
# SA user and group
user		= mail
group		= mail
# run sa-learn in debug mode (useful to examine problems)
debug		= no
# -------------------------------------------------------
# base directory of IMAP spool (below that mailboxes are located)
base_dir	= /var/spool/imap
# if base_dir has subdivisions with initial letters of mailbox names
# set initial_letter = yes (default), otherwise choose no
# Example for joe's mailbox:
#   yes: <base_dir>/j/user/joe/
#    no: <base_dir>/user/joe/
initial_letter	= no
# imap command to purge mail messages
purge_cmd	= /usr/lib/cyrus/bin/ipurge
# Cyrus-IMAPd user
user		= cyrus

Spam has become ever more harrasing than ever before. I am fed up with it and am taking more actions. I run Cyrus as our IMAP mail server at home. Mail gets filtered through SpamAssassin before it reaches the server. But how to let SpamAssassin learn from the mails you get that are spam but did not get detected?

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