Switching form opensuse to mythbuntu

My first linux distribution was debian. Then I swiched to gentoo. Fed up with all the compiling stuff, I swiched to SuSE, mainly because back then the drivers for AVM cards where only supported by SuSE. A few weeks back I upgraded my Server at home from an old Athlon 1.6 Ghz with 700MB RAM to a DualCore 2.6 Ghz with 8 Gig RAM. And while at it I tried mythbuntu out. The reasoing behind it being, that the server, once being only a fileserver, today mainly does TV and music.

I did not need to back up anything, as I  was not going to use the old 80 Gig hard drive for the new system. All I did was pop in the mythbuntu Hardy (8.04) cd, klick 6 times on next and after about 25 minutes I had a working MythTV setup. WOW! I also have to say that the package manager from debian/ubuntu is just fast, I mean fast. What a joy to work with. Getting the cyrus mails to work on the new system took a few days of learing curve, but once I knew what to do it was a breeze. Using the mythbuntu control centre I upgraded the distribution from plain mythbuntu to kubuntu. Now my server is a full Desktop, too.

On the sad side, SuSE has with sax2 a great X.org manager. The stuff available by Ubuntu just does not cut it. I had to go back to oldschool xorg.conf editing to get the dual displays I have to work at native screen size.

Right now my mood towards Ubuntu: Great!

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