LogicMachine telnet user script

The following code enables you to open a telnet connection and send commands. I use it to connect to my Pioneer sound system. Add it to a user script.


-- send Telnet command

function telnet(host, port, command)
local socket = require("socket")
local tcp = assert(socket.tcp())
res, err = tcp:connect(host, port)
res, err = tcp:send(command)

while true do
local s, status, threebytes = tcp:receive(3)
if status == "closed" then break end


All you need to do now is call the function from your KNX-Object script. Example:

telnet('', 8102, 'PF\r\n\r\nclose\r\n\r\n')

The PF command tells my Pioneer to turn off. I’m not sure if a close command is necessary, but all the returns are. The IP address and port have to be changed to what you need.

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