MythTV 0.21-fixes with ffmpeg backport for Ubuntu Hardy

The latest weekly packages provided by mythbuntu enable you to use coreav’s binary implementation of their x264 codecs. Theoretically this means that any HD file/show that is encoded x264 can be watched with less strain on your CPU. I tried it and did not encounter much difference between the native libraries and this 15$ proprietary one. But I stumbled upon a backport of the ffmpeg libraries from the development MythTV to the 0.21-fixes branch. I tried patching the source packages from mythbuntu with this new patch but got a build error due to the rather old x264 libraries provided with Ubuntu Hardy. But using this patch I was finally able to compile it. As soon as I collect some performance data and it turns out to be worth the time I will post a how-to.

Well, now I found out that this patch crashes while watching AVI files. No-Go for me. Then again I found this repository that has a synced ffmpeg version of the Ubuntu Hardy packages available.

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