opengl bug with nvidia 8600 GT and MythTV

  1. apt-get build-dep mythtv
  2. apt-get source mythtv
  3. apt-get install devscripts
  4. download the mythtv sources (mythtv_0.21.0+fixes17880-0ubuntu0+mythbuntu1.diff.gz, mythtv_0.21.0+fixes17880-0ubuntu0+mythbuntu1.dsc, mythtv_0.21.0+fixes17880-0ubuntu0+mythbuntu1_all.deb) from:
  5. dpkg-source -x mythtv_0.21.0+fixes17880-0ubuntu0+mythbuntu1.dsc
  6. cd mythtv-0.21.0+fixes17880
  7. dch -i (put some comments in about what you changed. In the version
    number, use the old version number plus a +local1 or something similar.
    This will make sure that you’re version is marked newer, but that if an
    even "newer" version came out, you can still get it.)
  8. download all patches from or directly at Mark Kenalls homepage.
  9. Apply the patches in accending order (patch -p1 < fixes1_26.diff)
  10. remove the "–enable-glx-procaddrarb" editing everywhere it with "nano debian/rules"
  11. dpkg-buildpackage -uc -us -rfakeroot
  12. profit! or at least get some functioning OpenGL packages for your nvidia 8600 GT card

I had bought a new Nvidia 8600 GT card for my MythTV server/player. As this card is not supported to do chromakey for the OSD I wanted to get OpenGL to do the same trick. But I ran into the infamous black screen bug which Mark fixed with his patches. After a steep learning curve I have finally written a tutorial to build your own Mythbuntu packages to fix the error. Aditionaly I had to remove "–enable-glx-procaddrarb" from the configuration as it keeps the error on 64bit systems. And don’t forget to install the latest Nvidia drivers (177 or better).

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