Responce to 8 killer Windows Media Center plug-ins

MCE Customizer 2005: Customizing is NOT a feature with Microsoft operating systems. Thats just a fact. Customizing is not a feature of MCE. MythTV on the other hand was build to be customized. It has so many options that there is no need to list them, just trust me, you can customize everything. As MythTV runs on Linux, you can be sure to be able to customize everything there, too.

MCE Portal Basic: MythNews has been a RSS reader in MythTV for quiet some time. Nothing new here, not a killer anything if you ask me.

mceWeather: MythWeather is part of MythTV. Works everywhere in the world. Feature wise nothing new.

MSN Remote Record: Don't make me laugh. MyhtWeb is extremely powerful and does not need you to get a MSN account to work. Also works on any WAP enabled PDA/Phone.

My Movies 2: Nice, first one I can't offer an existing lookalike in MythTV, but as MythTV can rip your DVD onto your system I am not sure how much needed this application is. But, for those of you who would like to manage their DVD collection I can suggest using videoDB, which is very powerful.

MyTV ToGo: Besides needing to pay money to get this feature its not very original. MythArchive does the same, and nuvexport gives you so much options that you can be sure to export your shows to about any type of device or media.

TVTonic: This is nice, first killer application in this lineup.

Yougle: Just the same as TVTonic. Nice, we need this in MythTV!

In MythTV

Now to those plug-ins that MythTV provides, but MCE does not have.

MythGame, lets you run old console (NES etc) games on your system.

MythPhone, a SIP based IP telephone.

MythFlix, a Netflix queue viewer.

UPnP AV MediaServer v1.0 compliant server: Share media files with UPnP-clients

Today I stubled uppon this blog entry at It list 8 killer Windows Media Center plug-ins. Well, as a long time MythTV user, I can only jawn! I will respond to each "killer" plug-in compared to the features of MythTV.

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