Update for Willi theme to include key bindings

Update: New version available!

Two more screens got some love today. The key bindings setup now looks good and the screen size settings, too. Get the new theme version 1.6 here. Special thanks to Chris, who made me aware that the compression I was using was not lzma but lzma2. To uncompress use "tar xfvJ 2010.11.20-Willi.tar.lzma2" within your themes directory ("/usr/share/mythtv/themes" in Ubuntu and derivatives).

3 thoughts on “Update for Willi theme to include key bindings

  1. Cannot seem to extract the files using your instructions: “tar cfvJ 2010.11.20-Willi.tar.lzma2”. Is this correct? I thought “c” flag was to create an archive? Appreciate you guidance as I really like the theme. Thanks!

  2. @ML: Absolutely correct. It’s a copy and paste error, now fixed. “c” is to create an archive, “x” to extract. Be aware that I have uploaded a new version of the Theme.

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