Logic Machine reactor in infinite boot loop

Two days ago my Logic Machine stopped working. The main led blinked for a few seconds and then it would reboot. I contacted the openrb support and was told what I had already thought. The SD card in the Logic Machine had gone corrupt and I needed a new one. I bought a new 4 gig card and opened the Logic Machine using a screw driver. Pushing out the main board was easy and the SD card is sitting prominently in the middle. To get it out you need to push the metal holder away from the SD card, in a sliding motion. The card can then easily be replaced with a new one.

To flash the firmware to the new card you need to download the recovery image from here. Unzip it with

gunzip recovery.img.gz

Then flash it to the SD card using

dd if=recovery.img of=/dev/sdb

(the sdb should be the device of your SD card!). It takes a few minutes as the unziped image is 3.5 Gig large.

After placing the newly burned SD card into the Logic Machine you can reach it on and then upload the reactor.img to finish the process. I then as a precaution did a factory reset by holding the reset button down for 10 secs (the red led will start blinking) and then pushing it again for 10 second (the red led will start blinking faster).

I had a fairly recent backup of my system, such that I could start living again. The whole process took about an hour to finish.

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