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19 August 11 - 21:21exiftool to sort files into directories

This is a nice commandline that uses the exiftool to sort all pictures in "oldplace" to subdirectories defined by the original time and date that the picture was taken. It is also a nice way of removing duplicates.

exiftool -r -d newplace/%Y/%m/%d/%H-%M-%S.%%e "-filename<datetimeoriginal" oldplace

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28 July 11 - 23:43Nice way to record your VCR shows using Linux

Today I spend a few hours trying out how to best record a few things I had on a VCR tape. The recordings where made in NTSC but the playback would be on a PAL VCR player. The following command uses a Video4Linux2 capture card to record and uses the normal audio card to record the audio. Change the "input=2" to the composite or s-video input in your configuration. The avi that is created is uncompressed and will grow really big.

mencoder tv:// -tv input=2:driver=v4l2:device=/dev/video0:normid=12:input=2:alsa:adevice=hw.0:audiorate=48000:amode=1 -ovc copa -oac copy -o output.avi

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11 May 11 - 14:04Things I want to happen when I die

Just this month my beloved Uncle Uwe died. I miss him. He had made his wishes clear by writing a letter to his family declaring what he wished for to happen if he where to die. This I must admit is a big help to those who are left behind. I talked to my father about what he wanted before he died, but he never wrote it down. Just informing one or a few members of your family is a lot better than none, but it still leaves behind nagging questions for those who did not get this information first hand.

Today I read this post by Jon Canter in the Guardian. He wrote how his sister wanted a godless funeral and how he managed it. The following is kind of an open testament, to make life easyer for those of my loved ones, in the case of my some day to be expected death. I am a non-believer. I was not raised either Chrstian, Muslim or any other Religion. I am very sure that there is no afterlife. Here are some ideas of how I would like my funeral to be.

First, get the cheapest casket available. If it's the pink one or the one with the power-rangers, that's fine with me. I don't care if I am cremated or buried, take the cheaper option. Be sure to choose the cheapest option in the long term, a simple net present value calculation on the cost of maintaining a plot should be enough :-). Don't get a viccar or similar person to do the talking. I expect my friends to take on that role and have some fun. Unearth some of the most emarasing moments for the amusement of everyone! I have three songs that I would like to be sung, "O Lord Please Don't Burn Us" and "Meaning Of Life" by Monty Pyhton. To finish I would love the song "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life". I love the idea of having a minute of silence, followed my cheering and clapping like at a soccer match, at the end of the ceremony. Afterwards go get something to eat. I don't want any flowers or wreaths at the ceremony. If you feel like you need to do something, plant a tree for me. If you want to donate, do so to the Richard Dawkins foundation or the JREF. But don't feel like you have to!

managementboy - philosophy - No comments - §

07 April 11 - 10:50ManagementBoy by Len Peralta

I have been a fan of Len Peralta ever since he started the Geek a Week podcast. A few days ago I was made aware by Geed Dad that Len had started a new series, where one could get a hero or villain drawn by him for just $50 (34,- €). I immediately ordered my ManagementBoy hero! I must say it is way cooler than I had expected, especially because I had my own preconceptions.

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25 February 11 - 19:16Will I go to Hell?

Today I stumbled upon the following video. It's not often, that you get such an eloquent dissection of the divisive nature of the belief in Hell.

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23 February 11 - 19:10Longwinded custom SQL statement to add Metadata to MythVideo

The following SQL statement allows me to select and format  the entires into the MythVideo Metadata table for recordings made with my Panasonic camera. Posted here just for future reference.

SELECT substr(`filename`,32,10), 
CONCAT_WS(':',substr(`filename`,43,2),concat(substr(`filename`,45,2),' Uhr'))
FROM `videometadata`
WHERE `filename` LIKE '%MTS%'
AND `filename` REGEXP '[0-9]{4}[-][0-9]{2}[-][0-9]{2}[-]' 
AND NOT(`filename` REGEXP '[0-9]{8}') 
AND NOT(`filename` LIKE '%720%') 
AND NOT(`filename` LIKE '%Unsere Videos%') 
LIMIT 0 , 100 

then I only need to convert it to an Update statement like

UPDATE mythconverg.videometadata 

to comit it to the database.

Similarly, to add the Season and Episode numbers (S##E##) to the syndicatedepisodenumber field using this command:

UPDATE mythconverg.recordedprogram
SET `syndicatedepisodenumber` = concat(concat(concat(convert(substr(`subtitle`,2,2),SIGNED),'.'),convert(substr(`subtitle`,5,2),SIGNED)),'.0/0')
WHERE `subtitle` REGEXP '^[S][0-9]{2}[E][0-9]{2}'

managementboy - Linux - No comments - §

22 February 11 - 19:09Some improvements to mythnettv

It seems that the original development of mythnettv has stopped. I have been maintaining a branch of my own, just to scratch some itches I had, as I use it to download such shows as TED-Talks and SLOW TV. The following is a list of changes I have done to the code since release 7 (January 2009) by Michael Still, that might interest you:

  • the command "mythnettv statistics" is now much shorter. I have commented out most of the "what has been downloaded" part and only left "what will be downloaded".
  • downloads which are stored in a folder are handled a bit better, but some more work needs to be done. Only single file video files in a folder are currently supported. 
  • no transcoding is done for most modern, linux friendly file formats, as they are well supported by the internal player within MythTV 0.24.
  • neither commercial detection nor seek table creation are done anymore, as MythTV 0.24 then screws up playback of some web content.
  • some basic detection of subtitles, audio (mono, stereo etc) and video (widescreen, 720p etc) properties is done while importing. This metadata is inserted into the database to be displayed as if the file had be recorded with valid EPG data.
  • a new command line "myhtnettv updatemeta filename" allows you to update the database retrospectively with the above data. This also works for "normal" recordings made by MythTV, if your EPG data was not accurate for these values.

managementboy - elkin-wide, Linux - No comments - §

26 January 11 - 19:20Build your own MythTV 0.25 packages for Ubuntu Maverick

All you need to do is get yourselft a PPA account and go to the following link:

There copy the most current version to your PPA and select Maverick as destination. Now wait for the build to be finished.

With some luck you will find your binaries in your personal PPA. Mine can be found here:

managementboy - elkin-wide, Linux - No comments - §