Deutschland Funk & Radio

Deutschland Funk and Deutschlandradio Kultur are my favorites when driving. To my huge suprise, they have podcast of their content! That means, that I can download the MP3s onto my player and listen to them while on my bycicle going and comming to work. Best of it, without the stupid intermission music or those jingles about how great their radio station is. 

Just for the record: They even help you set up the podcast for amarok. Linux friendly? I am more than happy to chip in my 6 Euro just to keep that mentality going. I am currently using the DownThemAll plugin for Firefox to just load all MP3s from these sites and then copy them over to my player.

It seems like every station managed by the german government now has podcasts. These are just a few:

By the way, even as only germans pay for this service, everyone can use it! Learn german, you get content for free.
Amazing! In Germany we are about to pay some 6 Euro (8 Dollar) for each PC or Internet connected device per month. This money is then passed on to the government sponsored TV/Radios for them to be able to keep their web services running. Up until now germans only had to pay for one TV and one Radio, regarless of if they watched those channels or stations. Well as this will come true any time soon I started to look arround the web pages of the TV and Radio shows I liked, just to check if they had contend I might like.

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