Update for the Blootube-ng Theme

New version here.

The same change to the MythTV code that moved me to update my BandO theme has made me update the blootube-ng theme. I changed some of the appearance to look more like the original. Some changes just take advantage of new features of MythTV from 0.23 onward. One is the Recording Groups which now are shown below the Recordings. I have also re-compressed most of the PNGs to optimize them for size, as the theme was pounding my server (35mb to just 5.4mb) . You can download the new version here. If you want the unoptimized PNGs, just copy them from the original directories.





2 thoughts on “Update for the Blootube-ng Theme

  1. Hallo ManagementBoy,
    thank you very much for porting this awesome theme to 0.23 release of MythTV.
    Do you think it would be possible to also provide a 4:3 version of it?
    Best regards and greetings from Cologne, Germany…

  2. Hi Leon,
    no, I don’t think I will work on a 4:3 version. I do want to update the theme before version 0.24 comes out, as many things have changed.
    cheers, Elkin

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