SVN MythTV RPMs for SuSE 10.0

The source packages are also available at the same site, so it should be possible to recompile them for newer SuSE versions. I added this repository to smart using the following command:

smart channel --add version6 type=apt-rpm name="Mythtv stuff" baseurl= components=version6

My only grype is that there are no mythweb RPMS. It also seems like the SRPMs don't compile if you don't have mythtv installed first (I guess headers missing).

Myth 0.20 is out

In other news you can download the official 0.20 version! Here you can read the release notes.

Compile problem

Found what my compilation problem was: qt-devel-tools was a dependency that was required by mythplugins…

After being frustrated at trying to compile Myth Plugins (base mythtv and themes worked fine) I found that the site version6 has up-to-date 0.20 RPMs taken from SVN available for SuSE 10.0.

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